It is vital to us that our Bride has a quality, unstressed seamstress working on her precious gown.

In recent years, brides and alteration specialists have preferred to meet and discuss the brides needs in the one-to-one setting of the specialist’s workspace, where everything is to hand.

Our Brides say that it is better to communicate directly with the dressmaker because:

The relationship developed between bride and alteration specialist ensures that trust is established and the bride has confidence that her gown will receive the ultimate treatment and care it deserves.

The specialist only takes on as much work as she knows she can undertake with ease, without stress or pressure.

The unique alteration to the Bride’s gown is agreed and communicated directly with the person undertaking the work, and therefore the specialist is totally and completely responsible to each Bride for the work, and as a result takes particular extra care to meet your needs.

We have compiled a list of Alteration Specialists, recommended and employed over the years by our brides and are happy to share that with you. We advise that each bride find the specialist she feels comfortable in building rapport with.

We are delighted to add to the list if you’ve found an excellent specialist to work with you on your very special wedding dress, please do share the dressmaker’s details with us for future Brides. Find us on Facebook MARIANS BRIDAL to let us know.

Be aware that the list is created from past Brides recommendations and for your information, Marians do not recommend any individual specialist. We advise the usual caveat emptor and encourage our Brides to get word of mouth recommendations from friends and family, to ensure the best workmanship on your international wedding dress designer.