Growing up, sisters Caroline and Nicola Kilkenny loved fashion. They dreamed of creating their own label. That dream became a reality.

The Sisters collection launched in Autumn/Winter 2018. Also known as #SistersByCK for short. After a completely ‘sold-out’ first season, the label is now highly coveted after by women around Ireland. The inspiration behind the ‘S i s t e r s’ label is all in the name… sisters. Caroline and Nicola Kilkenny joining forces again to design a new accessible luxury collection. So, Sisters is for the girl who likes to experiment with fashion. For example, the bold colours, eclectic prints and luxurious fabrics make it a fun and easy to style collection.

This collection marks the reunion of Caroline and Nicola as a design duo; there’s an element of nostalgia as it has been over 10 years since the launch of the original label as a duo; the N&C Kilkenny in 2005.

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